Can You Use Prohormones For Cutting?

Losing weight is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to building a model-like body for a beach party. People use different mechanisms to lose fat including workouts, dieting and taking fat burning prohormone supplements. Most people consider using prohormone supplements in cases where dieting and workouts have failed to attain the desired outcomes but there are good reasons why you should buy prohormones as part of your fat burning program. Buying the best prohormones on the market will enhance your other mechanisms resulting in quicker results.

Review of the best cutting prohormone supplements


Although it is popular among athletes for its ability to boost strength gains and muscle mass, Epistane is also a good cutting prohormone. Epistane binds to the androgen receptors in the skeletal and muscle cells triggering a message to the cells to boost their nitrogen retention and increase protein synthesis. Epistane also has anti-estrogen effects that prevent it from aromatizing even if it is not an aromatase inhibitor. Estrogen is known to cause unwanted fat gain and bloating as well as water retention. Therefore, including Epistane in your cutting cycle makes sure that you will not gain weight and thus, you can only lose the excess fat.

When properly cycled, Epistane can help to promote dry, hard muscle gains, boost overall strength gains and get rid of unwanted fat as well as improve the general well-being. Furthermore, unlike other pro hormones, Epistane does not trigger the usual side effects such as increased hair loss, acne outbreaks, and aggression, which makes it the best prohormone for beginners. Nevertheless, if Epistane is not accompanied by a proper post cycle therapy, you may experience dry joints, slight lethargy and mild loss of libido.


Halodrol is another pro hormone that is popular for its all-rounded benefits. Athletes use Halodrol to the overall recovery time. Halodrol works by penetrating into the bloodstream and sticking to muscle cells walls where it activates a reaction that enhances production and synthesis of the protein resulting muscle mass gains. Halodrol is popular among athletes and individuals looking for abs. Users of Halodrol have said that the pro hormone allows them to get flatter as well as develop more muscular abdominal muscles.

Halodrol is the number one choice among competitive athletes when preparing for a contest. When used in a bulking cycle, Halodrol helps athletes gain as much as 15 pounds of dry, lean mass in a 5-week cycle at a daily dosage of 75mg. When used in a cutting cycle, it helps athletes reduce their body fat by up to 4-percent as well as gain about 5 pounds of muscle mass. To enhance its results, you can stack it with other prohormones for sale such as Adrenosterone.


Whether you are buying the best prohormones for cutting or bulking, you should never forget to accompany them with an effective post cycle therapy.