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Electronic Patient Record Software

Vox2Data for Medicine electronic health record software allows Medical Offices/Hospitals to generate records that are stored and distributed electronically, rather than on paper. Physicians are able to create reports quickly and easily that are HIPAA compliant and easily distributed to other physicians for immediate review and better implementation of patient care. This is accomplished by utilization of a user interface that is intuitive, one that allows physicians to dictate their reports much as they have in the past -- only directly into their computer thereby eliminating transcription needs. Patient demographics and history will be imported from intake personnel and templates and macros will be used to dramatically reduce the amount of time necessary to construct a medical record. Our system includes a database that uses ODBC (and is an architecture that seamlessly interfaces with almost all other database systems.) The database can be utilized to extract information for clinical outcomes and quality assurance issues. This type of database-oriented electronic medical record system easily enhances clinical trials.

By combining a solid voice electronic health record system, with a versatile database, we have leapfrogged ahead of the present industry standards that focus on integration of word processor utilities into office environments.

V2D Features are easy to learn and use


Language Model Technology

The Vox2Data Medical document management system comes with either the ability to set up unique subspecialty-specific vocabularies or we can supply industry-standard language models that work effectively in multiple disciplines. We pride ourselves on our ability to uniquely tailor language models for each discipline or hospital-based system that we are working within.

Document Management Features

  • Automatically inserts the following data directly into the report. This input of data can be carried out either by a front desk worker or RN/Physicians Assistant. In academic settings resident physicians can input information with the attending reviewing the information and electronically signing the reports before storage or distribution.
  • Patient Demographics (including components of the history thereby saving time during the Physician's dictation).
  • Primary Care Physician addresses, telephone/fax numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Referring Physicians.
  • Pharmacies.
  • Insurance Company and general billing information.
  • Billing Codes.
  • Automatically formats and saves report.
  • Holds documents not completed for editing before signing.
  • High lighted bookmarks for guiding the physician quickly and easily through each report using the Philips SpeechMike -- prompting for necessary information.
  • Viewing page breaks.
  • View and print multiple patient files enabling the physician to print batch reports or e-mail multiple reports at the end of the day. (Module available soon)
  • Quickly look up visits/reports/attachments on any patient in seconds.
  • Print, or fax the report anywhere in seconds -- uses any 3rd party fax software.
  • Modular design allows for easy customization and upgrade to future enhancements these upgrades can be accomplished by a download from our Internet site.
  • The system can be used on a desktop system, tablet, network or on a laptop.
  • Generate HCFA compliant documents using our base inserts.
  • Total input flexibility; Vox2Data uses free form dictation and voice macros -- if the physician prefers he/she can choose to default to HCFA compliant templates generated with the supplied base inserts.
  • State of the art security is present to ensure patient confidentiality.


  • Templates-Forms, reports, exams available for all medical specialties. Our templates can be used as-is, or modified to suite the user, or created from scratch.



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Vox2Data's FrontDesk

The Vox2data 'FrontDesk' allows staff to enter patient demographic information, proof and print notes, from any workstation. FrontDesk can be packaged with Vox2Data and includes the training and support you need to get up and running quickly.

Vox2Data, is a total solution for the electronic medical record. The ease of use, simple interface and voice recognition provides an intuitive and powerful way to create, review and append medical records.


More features:

  • Vox2Data for Clinical practice is uniquely flexible and can accommodate the flow of any practice or clinic.
  • Creates an Ongoing Patient Medical Record
  • Flexible (you won't have to change your practice methods)
  • Simple Interface
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Includes a variety of forms and reports that can be customized to individual practice needs
  • Contains page breaks, justifies margins, even create tables
  • Insert commands can put in all of your standard language, with
  • Automatic macro maker allows the creation of one-word commands to insert paragraphs of standard language
  • A simple append note feature saves both time and errors
  • Holding area provides safe storage for both work in progress and notes to be proofed
  • Notes can be accessed and proofed from any workstation
  • A clone note feature provides quicker processing and avoids repetitive dictation
  • Referral feature automatically merges patient information into referral letter to be faxed, e-mailed or printed
  • Print as you go or "print queue" holds notes to be printed later
  • Ability to view the entire patient record instantly
  • On-site training provided
  • 800 number support
  • Paper and Online Manual
  • Dictate during treatment / create a dictation station