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Eliminate Transcription Costs

Vox2Data, Incorporated, sells voice activated transcription replacement software to doctors' offices, clinics and hospitals across the United States.

This product enable doctors to process their own forms and reports, thereby eliminating the need for costly transcription. We do this by providing a completely programmed medical application package, then voice activate the features by integrating voice technology software. We also develop and train sales representatives across the country.

Our products include voice engine software, medical application software, bridges to billing systems, or front desk software, optional; computer hardware and accessories such as microphones and recorders. The services we provide include: installation of our products, training of the doctor and staff, customization of the doctor's forms and reports, on going service and support at an annual membership fee.

The founders of Vox2Data have been involved in marketing/ consulting/ developing medical voice transcription replacement software for over ten years. Over that period of time we have cultivated many customers who are still with us today. They have helped us to determine the features that make transcription replacement software truly applicable to a busy medical environment.