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Vox2Data can tie in with most Windows billing packages. Some current tie-ins available are:
  DB Consultants

Parkinson disease treatment

Turn Vox2Data into a true EMR with add on hardware/software package.
PacificVoice Next Generation software, Vox2Data, is HIPAA Compliant, and is available today at the same price it was four years ago!



  • Fully HIPAA Compliant
  • Eliminate Transcription Cost
  • Reduce Dictation Time
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Simple, Intuitive Interface Instant Reports - Zero Turnaround
  • Standard Windows Interface
  • Interface with Most Windows Based Billing Systems
  • Can Generate HCFA Compliant Forms
  • "Clone Note" Feature Avoids Repetitive Dictation
  • "Hold Notes" Feature Allows Storing work in Progress
  • "Append Notes" Feature Saves Time and Reduces Errors
  • True WYSIWYG
  • Use Completely Customizeable Templates
  • Freeform Dictation Available
  • ODBC Database Structure
  • Complete Medical Vocabulary
  • Complete Chiropractic Vocabulary
  • Create Tables
  • Use Bookmarks and MergeFields
  • Share Database on Network
  • Cost Effective
  • Front Desk Software Available



Document Management System for Medical Practices

Improving Patient Care
Providing improved and efficient patient care is a major focus of today's medical professional. Improving the quality of care, while controlling the associated costs can be a daunting challenge that can burn up staff time, resources and the energies of all involved.

Fortunately a system has been developed, to decrease the time spent in non-patient care activities. By streamlining administrative functions, the physician has more time for patient care and the ability to service more patients, while cutting the costs of transcription and transcription errors. Keeping the patient record digitally adds new speed and accuracy to the entire practice without the increased cost of more personnel and heavier transcription costs.

Vox2data for clinical practice, PacificVoice for Medicine Second Generation, is a fully featured medical application software that is flexible enough to accommodate the flow of any medical environment. Vox2data is the latest release of software that has evolved through the input of doctors using product in the field for over ten years.

Vox2data, PacificVoice for Medicine Second Generation, provides a secure, accurate transcription process that eliminates the need for outside transcription services. Vox2data's system allows the doctor to immediately create the patient record by simply speaking into a microphone or digital audio mouse. The record is then stored for easy retrieval and review. By eliminating the time involved in outside transcription services, Medicare and insurance forms can be filed immediately instead of the usual 12 -15 days. And having the record for review and revision, keeps accuracy high. This combination of less time and fewer mistakes can mean quicker reimbursement and increased cash flow. The ongoing patient record is always under the physician's complete control.

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